High Royds Mental Facility
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Dr.Benjamin Phillip |28|Therapist| Ian Harding |Open

Dr.Benjamin always had a thing for helping people. He was a very proper and polite man too. He stayed away drugs and all other things like that, his entire life. He graduated at the top of his class getting into the college hr had dreamed of since he was a small child. Everything was perfect for him. When he had finished college he decided he wanted to try out being a school counselor at of the local high schools. He had gotten close to many of the students he had worked with in the school. Like every dream he got married to the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. After being married for over two years the two of them had gotten pregnant, but he was offered another job several hours away from his family, it was high paying and would be better for them. He told his wife he would try it out for a few months to see what it was like and if he liked it he would move her and the baby up there.